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Jon's E-Books

The Basics of Speed and Acceleration for Team Sport Athletes

Jon’s guide to the important aspects of coaching speed and acceleration. Featuring information on why speed training is important, the mechanics of sprinting and effective coaching cues.

Olympic Weightlifting Technique

Jon's guide to the techniques of the Clean and Jerk and Snatch. Plenty of technical information, pictures and additional articles to help you perfect your Olympic lifting technique whether you're a competitive weightlifter, athlete or recreational exerciser. Good technique is so important to not only stay safe when performing Olympic lifts but to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits from your training and are lifting the most weight you can if you are a competitor.

Panthera Female: Training Manual for Women, Jon Reid

I started my career as a personal trainer and trained many females who were seeking to become leaner, stronger and more athletic. I wrote this e-book to help my clients understand the training process and as a resource for them to refer to when training on their own.

Nutrition Simplified: Eating for Fat Loss and Fuelling for Exercise, Jon Reid

After years of fielding the same questions about eating for health and performance I decided to answer these questions in e-book form. Nutrition Simplified aims to make healthy eating simple and contains practical information that will help you improve your nutrition.