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8 Recovery Tips that Maximise Your Training

Here are some quick and effective recovery methods to help keep you as fresh as a daisy for training, sport and life…


8 hours, daily. Fatigue, grumpiness, cravings, physical performance, mental performance… sleep helps all.

Some of the world’s top soccer teams now have beds at their training grounds and the players are required to sleep after training.

Ok, you’re not training every day, but the players aren’t holding down regular jobs, doing their own shopping; you probably need sleep just as much as they do.

Players of soccer: when you wake up, check out soccer strength and conditioning for info on how to strengthen your game.

Hot and Cold

Katy Perry had a number 1 hit about this very topic.

Saunas, ice baths, hot tubs and cold showers… both individually and one after t’other…

  • Mood elevation

  • Good for joints

  • Nervous system recovery

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Fat burning properties

The science is beginning to catch up with the anecdotes… Dan John endorsed these years ago… Kelly Starrett is a proponent... my friend Ben is a fan…

Quick Tips

  • Time wise, start conservatively with all of these. Increase the duration gradually.

  • Icy water can take your breath away, concentrate on controlling your breath.

  • Hydrate before and after saunas and hot tubs.

Mind Numbing

Switch your system off by doing something that requires zero brain power; everybody needs to kick back and relax every now and again. Check up on the Kardashians.

Mind Stimulating

Get the wheels spinning again after reality TV has ground your mind to a halt. Books, podcasts, chess, conversation...


Lean protein, fruits, vegetables and good sources of both carbohydrates and fat will help replenish your body and mind.

Nutrition is a huge topic with evidence suggesting that what you eat impacts you at cellular level; that means your lunch might just be influencing your genes as much as your jeans.

I like to keep things simple, practical and ‘allowable’…

  • Simple so you know what’s good for you and what isn’t.

  • Practical so you can make smart choices that fit in with your lifestyle, whether that be eating at home, in restaurants or on the road.

  • Allowable... to allow for the occasional chocolate urge and splurge.

I’m most certainly not a nutritionist but I have answered the nutrition questions that I receive most often - check out Nutrition Simplified on the resources page, the e-book that has helped many clients increase their energy, burn fat and perform better exercise-wise.


Drink water. I’ve written about the importance of water and hydration previously.

Dehydration can lead to a decrease in physical and mental performance. Keep a water bottle by your side wherever you go.

Keep Moving

Staying static is the quickest way to stiffen up. Keep your body doing what it’s supposed to do: move.

If you work in an office, try to take lots of movement breaks, touch your toes every now and again, park further away or walk instead of driving.

If you’re an athlete, try not to coach on the couch after each day’s training. Stay active, sit on the floor, change positions and keep your body moving. Staying on the move is particularly important the day after a tough training session.


Treat yourself!… Or try foam rolling. Getting a massage or self massage is an excellent way to alleviate the cricks, cracks and tightness that daily life builds up. Rolling whilst listening to podcasts is a favourite of mine.


  • Recovery is as important as the training session.

  • To get the benefits of training you need to recover well.

  • Stay fresh and energised by treating your mind and body kindly.

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