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Goblet Squat Technique

The Goblet squat lays the foundation for moving on to more advanced squat movements such as the front squat, high-bar back squat and overhead squat. Before learning how to do a Goblet squat you should first make sure you are comfortable with bodyweight squat technique.

Goblet Squat Technique

  • Hold a dumbbell (or kettlebell) close to your chest.

  • Stand tall with your feet pointing straight ahead or turned out slightly (this will vary depending on the individual) in an approximately shoulder width stance.

  • Keep your whole foot in contact with the floor.

  • Squeeze your glutes and abs.

  • Initiate the squat by pushing your hips back, bending your knees and driving your knees out.

  • Maintain a strong, upright and neutral torso throughout the movement by keeping your chest up whilst lowering yourself as low as you can whilst maintaining good posture.

  • At the bottom of the squat your elbows should be inside your knees.

  • Drive your feet in to the floor to bring yourself back up to a standing position.

Other Points

  • Look straight ahead throughout the movement.

  • Your knees should be driven out from the start and remain in this position throughout; they shouldn’t collapse inwards at any point.

Goblet Squats: Things to Watch out For

  • Don’t allow your ankles or knees to collapse inwards.

  • Grip the floor with your feet and drive your knees out throughout the squat; your knees should be pushed out and kept in this same position throughout the movement.

  • Elbows should remain inside your knees, don’t allow your elbows to flare out.

  • Avoid leaning forward as this will cause an unwanted shift of weight and you might even fall forward. The nature of the Goblet Squat movement teaches you to maintain an upright posture; problems will occur if you don't stay upright. For example, your heels will come off the floor or you might begin to ‘fold’ at the hips — both of these will result in a forward shifting of weight which might cause you to fall forward.

  • Sometimes attempting to drive the knees out can cause people to ‘roll’ on to the outside of their feet (over supination), avoid this by maintaining whole foot ground contact throughout the exercise.


Goblet squats are an excellent movement to learn and are the first loaded squat I teach when working with athletes. A good Goblet squat will lay the foundation for quality barbell squatting.