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Fat Burning is a Team Game: Meet the Players

Burning fat is a team game and each player has an important role to play in the overall success of the team.

Like in any successful team, each player has to clearly understand what is required of them. For example, if your goalkeeper is facing the wrong way, wins will be rare.

Similarly, if one player is underperforming, there is a knock on effect to the rest of the team.

Players need teammates to help them out. If a winger isn’t crossing the ball, the striker doesn’t get a chance to score.

This is the same for fat burning.

The interplay of several components (fat burning players) produce the results.

Each player relies on the other players to help them perform well, and when all fat burning players are performing well, positive adaptations occur.

Fat Burning Team Sheet

Training: your rigorous and regular exercise, whatever it may be.

Daily Activity Levels: how much non-exercise activity you get every day.

Nutrition: 90% of your food intake each week.

Hydration: the fluids you consume daily, how much and how often.

Sleep: the duration and quality of your daily sleep.

Stress: how you are responding to the various stressors of life.

Consistency: the regularity with which the players in your team perform to their fullest, or close to their best.

Team Game

Each player is as crucial as the next.

Ignore one or more players and you might score a few goals but over the course of a season you’ll fall short.

Can certain players pull a little more weight and cover for players that aren’t performing? Sure, for a while, but ideally we want, and really need, the whole team performing well. No passengers.

Game Time

The nutrition player contributes amazingly to the greater good when 90% of your food intake is made up of lean protein, vegetables, fruit and good sources of carbohydrates.

It doesn’t help the team much with cakes and pastries in hand. Get the nutrition player firing on all cylinders and everything else becomes easier.

With 7-9 hours per night, the sleep player keeps the rest of the team ticking over nicely. Cut this to four hours and the sleep player is going to start getting annoyed at their teammates and performances all over the pitch will suffer. Dark room, cool atmosphere, no electronics… zzzz.

The daily activity player loves being in the game and hates sitting on the bench. Feed the daily activity player with as much movement throughout the day as you can: walk, stretch, stand, swing, dance… just keep moving.

The hydration player is the water-boy, if the team is dehydrated, performance deteriorates quickly. Aim for 2-3 litres of high quality H2O every day. The hydration player is allergic to poisons such as sugary drinks and alcohol.

The training player needs to work up a sweat. Weightlifting, yoga, sprinting, swimming, cycling, rock climbing, dancing and rigorous gardening are all good training players. Try to work up a sweat 3-4 times a week.

The stress player contributes optimally when they are stimulated but not under or overwhelmed. Somewhere between boredom and being nose to nose with a shark is where stress helps with fat burning. Stress will ebb and flow, try and stay on somewhat of an even keel.

Consistency is the centre midfielder that glues the team together; the player that keeps everything flowing. Consistency gives the ball to the other players so they can go and work their magic and take the glory. Consistency never steals the show but without it, there are leaks in the team. Oh boy is it obvious when consistency isn’t in play.

The fat burning team needs consistent players, not part-time heroes.

We’re looking for good averages here people; solid and reliable players who are capable of brilliance when called upon, these players make the team.


Don't hate the player or the game, play the game with strong players and you and your players will enjoy playing the game. Couldn't be any clearer.

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