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Client Nutrition Quotes and Habits

I recently asked clients to pin point the things they feel have made the biggest difference in helping them eat more healthily, burn fat and improve their energy levels… here's what they said …

“Holy smokes, Jon, your e-book Nutrition Simplified: Eating for fat loss and fuelling for exercise is the best nutrition book I’ve ever read and was all I needed to sort my nutrition out, I would definitely encourage everyone to check it out.”

They all said it. Check it out here

“Starting with just one thing”

The thought of making changes to your training, nutrition and lifestyle can be super overwhelming and even off putting, especially if you’re starting at square one.

Starting with ‘just one thing’ is enough to get the ball rolling. This approach has worked wonders for many clients. Pick one thing to add or replace that will improve your eating, make it a habit and then add the next one.

This one thing for a couple of clients was…

“Avoiding carbohydrates at breakfast”

Avoiding carbohydrates first thing in the morning — and instead having a protein and fat based breakfast - has helped many clients burn fat and maintain their energy levels throughout the morning, meaning they don’t get the mid-morning slump or hunger cravings they had experienced previously.

“Cutting out the crêpe”

(one naughty word in this quote has been cleverly censored and replaced with a fun food pun)

Pretty simple this one. Committing to getting rid of junk food like sugary drinks, crisps, pies, pastries and crepes is a really easy way to improve your eating.

Straight away it removes bad carbohydrates and bad fats, reduces calories and opens up space for the bad to be replaced with good.

Some people aren’t suited to eliminating all the bad stuff at once though, if that’s you, try cutting out one source of crêpe at a time.

“Committing to cooking one meal a day… and getting good at one-pan cooking”

This commitment gave this client control over at least one meal a day. For some it’s been an omelette for breakfast, for other it’s been preparing their own salad box for lunch and for this particular client it was ‘getting good at one-pan cooking’ for dinner...

“Making water my only drink”

Headaches, energy levels, exercise performance; all of these can be either alleviated or improved simply by drinking more water. Check out water and hydration for more info.

“Detoxing the kitchen”

Similar to “cutting out the crêpe”, one client simply threw out crisps, cookies and alcohol and made a commitment to not buy them again. If they’re not in the house, they can’t be eaten at home.

This particular client didn’t eliminate ‘treats’ altogether, but simply made them unavailable in their own house. Treats were therefore only consumed when out with friends or on special occasions… which led to a much more active social life and Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays becoming ‘special occasions’….

…I joke I joke, it led to a major reduction in chocolate and wine!

“Changing my plate gradually”

Wholesale overnight changes work for some but definitely not for all. With most clients, I’ve found a more gradual process is more likely to be effective in the long run.

Here is a quick example of the process that this client was coached through that took her from cereal bars and two pre-packaged pasta meals a day to cooking almost all of her own meals. Each step took as long as it took and each step was taken one at a time before moving on to the next…

Regular Meal: Microwaveable chicken and tomato pasta

1. Cook own vegetables and add them to the plate of pasta

2. Take away half the pasta and replace with a chicken breast

3. Boil a sweet potato and add to plate

4. Take away the remaining pasta, thus rendering the microwaveable meal obsolete…

… by the end of this process, the original plate of microwaveable chicken and tomato pasta had been replaced with chicken, sweet potato and vegetables. Good switch.


As you can see, making little changes and commitments can make a big difference to improving your diet.

Thanks to all the clients for sharing their success tips and hopefully anyone reading this might be able to improve their energy, health and athletic performance by using some of the tips!