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Box Jumps: 5 Quick Tips

1. Don’t Jump Off the Box.

One of the main benefits of box jumps is that they remove the landing forces — jumping off the box negates this benefit! Additionally, people often feel as though the exercise is finished as soon as they’ve landed on top of the box and thus don’t pay any attention to landing properly when they jump off the box. This can be a double whammy of badness as it not only brings the landing forces into play but it brings them in without any focus on landing properly! That’s two losses when what we’re interested in is wins… So, step off the box!

2. Focus on Maximum Power Output

Box jumps are a form of power training — to get a meaningful training effect you need to perform at or very close to maximal output. Aim to give 100% on each and every jump so you can be sure that you’re training the quality (power) that you’re intending to train. Half hearted power training doesn’t lead to more powerful athletes. Make sure you're moving explosively.

3. Take Your Time

Rushing through power training is a good way to reduce its effectiveness. Take your time, set up properly for each rep and focus on the quality and power output of the movement. Less is more when it comes to power training — always go for quality over quantity and give yourself adequate rest between sets.

4. Landing in a Deep Squat Position is Not the Goal

Landing in a deep squat position says more about your hip, knee and ankle flexion than it does about your explosive power capabilities. The aim is to land with the ankles, knees and hips in a strong and stable position, not collapsed and deeply flexed. Deep squat landings also tend to go hand in hand with bad joint positions. Aim to land in a quarter squat position, and certainly no lower than parallel.

5. Avoid High Repetitions

Fatigue isn’t your friend when trying to improve explosive power capabilities, and high reps create fatigue. If you’re aiming to improve your explosive power then stick to low reps (5 or less).


  • Box jumps are a quick, easy and fun form of power training.

  • Focus on the quality and intent of the movement.

  • Landing position is super important.

  • Jump on to the box but not off it!



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