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  • Jon Reid

10 Basics of Athletic Performance

When training to improve your athletic performance there are certain basics of training, nutrition and lifestyle that need to be attended to before the smaller details of a strength and conditioning program will have any meaningful impact.

The basics outlined in this article will account for the first 80% of an athlete’s physical success and are thus fairly important. Attending to these will go a long towards improving your athleticism and sports performance.

Hopefully they will all sound familiar to you and when you are going through the three lists you will be thinking: “yep I do that, and that, and that.”

If not, it’s not the end of the world, it just means you’ve got some easy performance gains there for the taking.


  1. Focus on movement quality.

  2. Train the body as a whole.

  3. Move freely, strongly and powerfully in the fundamental movement patterns: squat, hinge, push, pull and single-leg. (Horizontal and vertical for push and pull patterns)

  4. Keep the hips and shoulders mobile.

  5. Only use isolation exercises that serve a specific purpose for you.

  6. Maintain an aerobic base but make most conditioning sessions specific to your performance task.

  7. Leave the ego out of the gym; never sacrifice movement quality for more weight or social media heroics.

  8. Track your training sessions and progress.

  9. Vary the training stimulus periodically.

  10. Train hard, train optimally.


  1. Make smart nutritional choices that will support your goals.

  2. Eat real and whole foods.

  3. Protein with every meal

  4. Eat a rainbow of vegetables.

  5. Obtain your fat from mono or polyunsaturated sources (nuts, avocado, oily fish)

  6. Consume protein in your first meal of the day.

  7. Get the majority of your starchy carbohydrates from potatoes, rice and oats.

  8. Make water your primary drink.

  9. Throw away your tub of “KRZY LEEN GANERZ 4000” and replace it with a tub of salmon fillets and vegetables.

  10. Allow yourself a tasty treat by following the 80-20 nutrition rule. (80% good, 20% woops… tasty though)


  1. Be an athlete 24/7 — understand that recovering from training is as important as training itself.

  2. Aim to sleep 8-9 hours per day.

  3. Make smart nutritional choices. See above.

  4. Try to incorporate a method of relaxation into your day. Simply taking 5 minutes to breathe deeply is a good start.

  5. Walk in the fresh air as often as possible.

  6. Find hobbies outside of your sport. Chess is an excellent hobby; I’ll play you, you’ll win.

  7. Read books.

  8. Socialise and see friends and family as much as possible.

  9. Embrace your status as an athlete and be a good role model to your friends, family and those who aspire to one day be an athlete like you.

  10. Don’t do drugs.

If you like these 10 tips then please do feel free to share with your athlete compadres. Thanks!