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5 Reasons You're Not Getting Results


Train like mad and eat cucumber for two weeks... expect cover model physique.

Changes don't happen overnight. It takes focussed effort and consistency to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Give your body time to adapt and play the long game; this will lead to a bigger pay off than inconsistent bursts of 200% effort every third Monday.

Spaceships land on the moon whereas fireworks fizzle out… I think Katy Perry explains this in a song.

Not eating whole foods

You take every pre, during and post workout powder there is but you haven’t had a vegetable since your lovely mother said here comes the aeroplane. Whole foods such as lean protein, vegetables, fruits and good sources of carbohydrates will do you more good than powders, pills and potions.

Not pushing yourself

Music blaring out of Dre Beats looks super intense but the perfectly dry t-shirt tells another story. The story is one of someone not pushing themselves in the gym.

Be honest with yourself about how much effort you’re putting in.

You don’t have a program

Ideally this program will be specific to you, and take into account your starting off point, goals, movement capabilities, schedule, strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences.

If you don’t have a program tailored to you then your problem might be that…

You have every program

Today you read a fitness magazine so you’re doing the core strength superblast training program, next week you’re doing the internet’s top 5 exercises and the week after you’re doing Leonardo Di Caprio’s thunderstorm session.

Jumping from program to program without any thought or focus is unlikely to bring you the results you’re looking for.


Training can be a frustrating process but there are certain errors that people repeatedly make. Try to avoid those mentioned in this article.

Be patient and consistent, follow a training program suited to you and your goals, train hard and eat whole foods.