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©2020 by Jonathon Reid

Whether you’re an athlete, coach or an enthusiastic amateur, my aim is to help you improve your training so that you can become more athletic, leaner and stronger.

Check out the site for tips and techniques on:

  • Increasing your strength, speed and power

  • Improving your sports performance

  • Staying lean, fit and healthy

  • Building muscle, burning fat and taking your physical performance up a notch


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Hello! I’m Jonathon Reid

..I’m a strength and conditioning coach, nice to meet you, call me Jon.

Originally I hail from Edinburgh, Scotland, where I started my career in strength and conditioning, but now I'm based in San Diego, California.

I’ve been involved in sports and fitness my whole life; when I was 10 years old I started reading fitness books and creating my own soccer fitness training programs. When I was 18 years old I started coaching sports and fitness programs for kids, as well as helping my friends and family with their fitness goals. I coached for free because I loved the game, and also because I had no experience, qualifications or reliable debt collector.

Nowadays I’m a little longer in the tooth, have qualifications and a fair chunk of experience, so you won’t find me dishing out programs for free (there’s actually loads of free stuff on this site — I guess didn’t learn my lesson)


Anyway, I'm now lucky enough to call strength and conditioning coaching my job. I eat, sleep and breathe strength and conditioning and enjoy sharing the useful tips, techniques and information I pick up along the way. Enjoy! 

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5 a side football team

Jon and Edinburgh 5 a side football team: Champions of the Saturday Division 1: 1130am Nokia 3 League, (like the EPL, only better)